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Test Posts

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One of HalfEagle.com’s sources was doing some testing with using Flickr to post images today. Unfortunately, HalfEagle.com wasn’t quite smart enough to tell the difference between a real post that should be displayed and a test post that should be ignored.

Now, HalfEagle should be a bit smarter in this regard. This post itself was a test to try out the new filters. How did this post slip by them? Well, in case the filter ever makes a mistake, I can manually tell HalfEagle that a particular post should appear.

If you ever have a post that doesn’t show up in HalfEagle that happens to contain the words “test,” “testing,” or “test post,” please let me know and I’ll turn it back on. :)

Written by Gregg

November 10th, 2008 at 9:30 pm

Posted in Administrative