BSA Innovation Engine Built-in to HalfEagle

As previously discussed by the blogs included on HalfEagle, the BSA has a website for Scouters to share and vote for ideas to improve the Boy Scouts of America.

To support this effort, HalfEagle includes recently posted ideas with a special format to encourage voting. When you see the “VOTE” icon, make sure you click and cast your vote!

Update: Thanks to Dan from Scouting News for pointing out the BSA Innovation Engine is still “professionals only.” As noted in my comment below, HalfEagle will temporarily not show BSA Innovation Engine results to avoid frustrating our many volunteer readers.

4 responses

  1. Hi. I appreciate the way you are bringing together the different scouting blogs into one site. I would like to submit mine for consideration, under the Boy Scouts section. Thanks! Have a great day in Scouting!

  2. @Dan: Thanks for the heads up! I actually thought it was a problem with my password which kept me from signing in to it. (I have chronic troubles signing into the various sites.)

    Because most of HalfEagle’s readers are probably volunteers, I’ll go ahead and switch off the feature until it becomes public. Thanks again!

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