300 links visited in ten days!

Since HalfEagle started tracking links almost ten days ago, over 300 links have been visited! Interestingly, the tracking script has had over 3,000 hits, but those are mostly search engine spiders, robots, and scrapers.

After filtering out those about 10% are actual people and about 10% of those came from twitter! (Not bad considering there are only about 20 followers of HalfEagle’s twitter account.)

I haven’t done much analysis yet, but to think that HalfEagle has sent 300 pageviews to the different Scouting blogs in just ten days is pretty cool to me. I’m pretty excited to be able to track how effective HalfEagle is at promoting each Scouting blog. After all, the goal here is to get people to leave HalfEagle and visit the different Scouting sites. I’m glad it’s working. 🙂

P.S. I’ve also cleaned up a few issues with some blog URLs which changed format. If you clicked a link in the last few days and saw “No link found.” that issue is now fixed. I’ve also made that page better so that if there is that error again, there’s still a link that a person can click to follow. If you know your blog is about to change feed providers or change it’s URL format, you can always send me a message here and I’ll fix any issues right away. Thanks!

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