Scouting Twitter Stream and a new Scouting Blog

Steve B. recently brought up the subject of Twitter so I went and took a look to see if people were tweeting about Scouting. Turns out, lots of people are mentioning Scouting all the time. Not much of a surprise there, so HalfEagle now includes recent Twitter posts about Scouting. You’ll find it on the HalfEagle home page in the right sidebar underneath the Google headlines.

What inspired me to work on the site today? Well a comment from Mark W., a JASM for Troop 1616 in Soldotna, Alaska asked that his blog, Scouting Maniac, be added to HalfEagle. It’s a great blog to get the perspective of a youth leader who is transitioning to become an adult leader. It’s been added to the site and is already appearing on the main page. Want to see your Scouting blog on HalfEagle? Check out the criteria then post a comment to that page for a review. 🙂

While I was at it, I used AddThis to get an easy to use bookmark/sharing button. It was a very easy service to use and will provide some neat statistics, too. Assuming anyone uses it. 😉

I also added a favicon for the site. What do you think? halfeagle-favicon

Finally, I went ahead and added Google Analytics to HalfEagle. What with the popular posts page and archives, it will be helpful to know if people actually use those pages.

Change means bugs, so please let me know if you experience any difficulty with HalfEagle.

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