Technical Difficulties — Now with Flood Control!

When I checked HalfEagle today I was very surprised to see just two sites filling the entire first page with posts!

I quickly disabled both sites to find out what had happened. In one case, the blogger had simply posted four items during a short period of time on similar topics (so it looked like one post that was repeated). In the other case, the blogger had switched over from hosting his own RSS feed to having FeedBurner host it.

The first situation happens every so often and is not a big deal. The second situation is rare but wreaks havoc whenever it does happen. The best solution right now affects both equally. Basically, if any one blog posts multiple times in rapid succession, HalfEagle will only show the first two posts with an extra link to the blog’s home page to see the rest.

You can see this right now on the home page with Scouting Maniac’s National Jambo 2010 posts, it shows the first one then links to his home page with the text “…and 2 others from Scouting Maniac.”

I hope this is a fair compromise between accommodating bloggers who post frequently and protecting the home page of HalfEagle from being overrun because of a technical error. If you have another solution, please let me know! 🙂

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  1. Hi Gregg

    It’s always something. 🙂
    It seems that the Scouting Headlines and Scouting Links from Delicious haven’t changed in quite a long time. But, the Tweets keep tweeting along.


  2. Thanks Paul!

    My goodness, the headlines and links haven’t changed for almost a month! Just goes to show you that I like the blog posts and flickr pictures the most. 😉

    I’m working on it now… Will report back here once I have a solution.

  3. During an upgrade of the RSS caching mechanism, the default cache value was changed to 2,592,000 seconds (or 30 days).

    I’ve set it back to the appropriate value for each section and I’m seeing updated information already.

    Thanks so much for sharing that issue with me.

  4. Is this based off of a time variable or based off of other blogs posts? Ok, not sure if that made sense.

    I noticed I invoked this, though the additional stories is listed as 0. The two posts were 5 hours apart, but no other stories were posted by other blogs in between. Did I invoke it because 5 hours is too close together or because no other posts were made on other blogs so I ended up with two in a row?

    Doesn’t really matter, I was just curious.

  5. Thanks for asking Dan. 🙂

    It’s not based on time, it’s purely based on how many “in a row” come from one source. In your case, there are three stories in a row so the third is hidden. As far as it saying “0” additional, that was a bug that is now fixed. Thanks, again! 🙂

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