Better URLs and Archived Thumbnails

Recently, Jerry at The Scoutmaster Minute had to change his domain name. It turned out to be quite difficult to fix the links to his blog on HalfEagle. I had only been storing the Feedburner URLs and not the actual URLs. So I was worried I’d have to go through one-by-one, follow the redirect, replace “.com” with “.net” and copy-and-paste the URL into the database. I was *not* looking forward to that. So instead, I made a new website/service that would at least handle the redirect part of the process. (For those curious, the site can expand short urls and translate any redirected URL.)

While I was at it, I went ahead and fixed all the old redirect URLs and the site resolves those right away now. So starting today on HalfEagle, when you click a URL you don’t have to go through a few different redirects after you leave HalfEagle, you go right to the blog entry. ๐Ÿ˜€ I have a feeling this will also be better for the site owners because quite a few of those feed services employ link-juice eating 302 redirects.

Incidentally, I discovered a bunch of duplicate posts in the database when I was cleaning up all the URLs. So, if you have been tracking the overall post count, that’s why it dropped by about 300 posts. Thankfully, this will keep duplicates from showing up on the HalfEagle home page and on the twitter stream.ย 

Finally, thanks to PageGlimpse, I also added thumbnail previews to the archive pages. Because it can take a day or so for new thumbnails to show up, I’m not going to enable this for the home page. (But I might do some testing once their turnaround improves!)

Update #1! While looking around, I realized I hadn’t turned on the display of new Scouting resources! HalfEagle has been collecting announcements from InsaneScouter and Boy Scout Trailย for some time and I even added the section to the home page, but it was in testing mode and only I could see it. Now it’s visible to everyone and I encourage you to check out the new stuff those two sites post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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