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You probably noticed a change to the home page of HalfEagle. Namely, that block in the right sidebar with a picture of the cover of “Spirit of Adventure” and some links to book reviews by HalfEagle’s Scouting bloggers. A gentleman working with the publisher of the book had contacted myself and a number of prominent Scouting bloggers asking if we’d be willing to receive an advance copy of the book. I accepted and within a week or so, I was digging into a softcover pre-release edition of the book. And let me tell you, it’s a fantastic read. Every chapter is the story of what a different Eagle Scout is doing in his adult life and how that ties back to his experiences in Scouting.

I wanted to help promote this book, not because I got a free copy, but because I sincerely believe this book will have a positive impact. But, although I’m an avid reader, I’m not much of a writer. Writing an eloquent book review that would motivate people to purchase the book is a skill with which I do not have much practice. What I did have though, is a website that reaches hundreds of the most influential and connected Scouters on the Internet. Oh hey, that’s you! 😉

Because many of HalfEagle’s bloggers were already posting reviews, I simply added a “widget” to the sidebar that displayed any post containing the book’s title and the author’s name. Plus, I added a link to Amazon — not to get rich,* but so I could see if people would actually buy a book through HalfEagle.

In the end, I really liked having that feature on HalfEagle and I really liked seeing how the different bloggers covered the same book. I’d like to do more of this in the future and, perhaps, build a new section of the site just to pull together content about different Scouting books and products. You’ll see some new experiments in this direction in the future and I hope you’ll provide your feedback in the comments below.

Scouting bloggers, I’ll let you know how to get your posts included in these features in the future, although it will probably be some kind of keyword based filtering.

*I didn’t get rich. In fact, only four people clicked on the Amazon link and, if they bought a copy, they didn’t buy it from Amazon. Incidentally, even I forgot to buy through HalfEagle when I pre-ordered a handful of copies as gifts. Whoops! lol

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  1. Gregg, Thank you for helping the Scouting Family learn about Spirit of Adventure. As an Eagle Scout, Scoutmaster, and father of an Eagle Scout I experienced the Program on a local level. When Alvin sold his home, left a job he loved, and traveled across America to meet the Eagle Scouts in Legacy of Honor, I began to understand the real impact Scouting has had on America. It has given me an even deeper appreciation of the how valuable Scouting and it volunteers are to the young people we serve. Spirit of Adventure introduces us to an amazing group of Eagle Scouts.

  2. I really appreciate your comment. I’m also an Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster and your son’s book gave me a greater appreciation for what I do as a Scoutmaster.

    I can’t imagine the pride you have in your son. I’ll echo what he wrote when he signed a copy of the book for my parents: Thank you for raising a fine Eagle Scout and passing on your values to him.

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