HalfEagle 2009 Year in Review

HalfEagle 2009 Year End Review

I really enjoyed reading Dan’s Out with 2009, In with 2010… blog entry over at Scouting News. It was so cool to see that HalfEagle was his #1 referrer in 2009. It’s exactly the kind of thing I was hoping HalfEagle would accomplish, sending lots of folks to check out the best Scouting blogs on the internet.

Since it was also very interesting to see the random stats he included, I thought I’d put together a similar post for HalfEagle. 🙂

How do you get to HalfEagle?

HalfEagle 2009 Traffic Sources

HalfEagle 2009 Traffic Sources

Over half the visitors to the site are either typing in the domain name or have the site bookmarked. This is great because it means there are a lot of people who are regularly checking the site for new posts.

The other half of visitors are split pretty evenly between referring sites and search engines.

Top Referring Sites

  1. BoyScoutTrail.com – Scouting resource site
  2. Kismif.wordpress.com – Cub Scout blog
  3. BoyAndGirlScouts.com – “Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts under one roof… with proper supervision, of course.” (Which I would add to HalfEagle if there was an RSS feed of just the Boy Scout posts.)
  4. BuffaloEagle.wordpress.com – Troop 483 blog
  5. TheScoutmasterMinute.net – Scoutmaster Jerry’s blog. (Oh look, he recently interviewed me!)

Top Search Engine Keywords

I’ve filtered out all the variations of “half eagle,” “halfeagle.com,” etc. and just included non-brand searches. Also, some similar keyword phrases I’ve filtered out and only included the most popular variation.

  1. alvin townley eagle scout
  2. scouting blogs
  3. scout deaths at philmont
  4. “eagle factory” boy scout
  5. boy scout blogs
  6. free camp kitchen plans “patrol boxes”
  7. bechtel family scouting center
  8. embroidered centennial ring emblem
  9. subaru forester pinewood derby commercial
  10. boy scout centennial uniform guide

Who visits HalfEagle?

HalfEagle 2009 U.S. Visitors Map

HalfEagle 2009 U.S. Visitors Map (Darker means more visitors)

Scouters, duh. 😉 But let’s see what Google Analytics has to say about the visitors to the site.

Top States

  1. California
  2. Minnesota
  3. Utah
  4. Florida (Yay, I’m not the person who visits the site the most!)
  5. Texas

Browser Statistics

HalfEagle 2009 Browser Stats

HalfEagle 2009 Browser Stats

I’m happy to see that over half of the folks who visit this site are using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

For the 44% of folks using IE, if you aren’t in a corporate/school environment and have a choice of browser, I highly encourage you to check out Firefox. 🙂

Connection Speeds

HalfEagle 2009 Connection Speeds

HalfEagle 2009 Connection Speeds

I’m pleasantly surprised to see that over 2/3 of HalfEagle’s visitors are on a FAST internet connection. I haven’t checked connection speed stats in a long time, so maybe this is common now.

If I ever have an idea for a feature that takes a lot of bandwidth, at least now I know it’s a possibility for the majority of visitors.

Visitor Loyalty

This is my favorite graph of all. Basically it shows that HalfEagle has a dedicated core of visitors that check out the site at least once a week. And we have some folks who check it almost every day! This chart shows just how great the Scouting blogs and podcasts are that HalfEagle includes.

HalfEagle 2009 Visitor Loyalty

HalfEagle 2009 Visitor Loyalty

What was the most popular stuff on HalfEagle?

I saved this bit for the end. Most sites on the internet have a separate URL for each bit of content, but not HalfEagle. HalfEagle is mostly just a single home page with the most recent posts from the best Scouting blogs on the internet. So how do we track the popularity of any particular item? Well, way back in January HalfEagle started tracking all outbound links so I could measure the most popular content here.

After nearly a year of tracking (and with over 28,000 clicks!), I am happy to share some of the results. 🙂

Most clicked posts from HalfEagle website

  1. Short Uniform Shirts – KISMIF
  2. Cub Scouter Uniform Answers – KISMIF
  3. Embroidered Centennial Ring Emblem – Scouting News
  4. BSA 100th Anniversary Emblem – KISMIF
  5. Are You Smarter Than A Boy Scout? – A Boy Scout’s Blog

Most clicked posts from @halfeaglebot

  1. Scouting with the iPod Touch – iBird Explorer – Scoutmaster
  2. Kevin Rose – Eagle Scout? – A Scoutmaster’s Blog
  3. Eagle Application Restrictions Coming Soon – Scouting News
  4. Photo Caption Contest!! – ClassB Blog
  5. 100th Anniversary Kickoff – Scouting Maniac

Most clicked sites from HalfEagle website

  1. Scouting News
  3. Scouting Magazine
  4. The Scoutmaster Minute
  5. Scoutmaster

Most clicked sites from @halfeaglebot

  1. Scouting News
  3. Scouting Maniac
  4. The Scoutmaster Minute
  5. Scouting Magazine

I find it fascinating that what gets clicked on Twitter is dramatically different than what gets clicked on the site itself.

2010: What’s in store?

HalfEagle has really reached a point of stability right now that I’m pretty happy with. If I had to describe how the site, the code and I are getting along, I’d say we’re at the “norming” stage of development. 🙂

That said, I don’t think HalfEagle is “done” by any definition of the word. I see a lot of opportunity with the site to make it more social by expanding on the existing Twitter integration for post rating. That hasn’t really caught on yet, probably because it was broken for so long. 2010 will see a new focus on getting folks to try that out.

Also, I have launched a HalfEagle Facebook fan page that will be yet another way to subscribe to new Scouting blog posts and give the HalfEagle community a place to talk. 🙂

What else would you like to see from HalfEagle in 2010?

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  1. Great Post! I wish I would have broken up my stats a bit more, I plan on taking a closer look once I get back to the states when I sit down to do a revamp of Scouting News.

    Thanks for creating HalfEagle.com and sending quality traffic! I don’t read enough as I’d like to, but that will change soon too!

    2010 is going to be a great year!

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