HalfEagle is now International!

After receiving a second request to add a Scouting blog from the UK, I decided to take a look at the state of Scout blogging in the country where Scouting got started. It didn’t surprise me at all to find quite a few great blogs about Scouting on the other side of the pond!

Because there are program differences in Scouting from country to country, I figured the easiest thing to do would be to create a section just for UK Scouting. If you visit the site today, you’ll see a couple flags next to the logo:

If you click the Union Flag, you’ll find yourself at HalfEagle.co.uk. Click the American Flag and you’ll be at HalfEagle.com.

For now, posts from both sites will all go to the Twitter account @halfeaglebot. It will be a multi-national twitter feed. 😉

If you are blogging about Scouting in the United Kingdom and want to add your blog to the site, just head over to this post and leave a comment!


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