New Scouting Search Engine, Blekko!

I’ve recently heard a lot of buzz about a new search engine called blekko. I checked it out today and thought it was pretty cool. Since it’s still in beta, it feels a lot simpler and more straightforward than Google searches can be these days.

The coolest feature though? Slash tags. They’re kind of like a Google custom search engine, only way easier to setup. I went ahead and made a /scouting slash tag that anyone can use. What’s in it?

I’ve played around with this new search engine and I’m really digging it. I added all the same sites to the Google Custom Search engine I already had on the site, so you can do a search in each and compare which one provides better results. Give it a shot, I’d love to hear your opinion on “Blekko v. Google!” 🙂

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