Show Your Thanks, Recommend a Scouting Blog!

Clark Green recently published a great post on just how much work it is to be a great Scouting blogger or podcaster. He also shared some ways to support the Scouting blogs you love to read. Well, I have a third option. 🙂

If there’s a Scouting blog or podcast out there that you enjoy and it isn’t already on HalfEagle, take a couple minutes to post a link to that site in the comments below. Just today I discovered a Scouting blog I had overlooked, and I bet there are even more out there that deserve a spot on HalfEagle! So, comment below and your favorite Scouting blog could get added to this site. 🙂

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  1. Just started a scouting blog and would love if you could e-mail me. I have plenty of questions to ask and want to do this right and hopefully have my blog featured on here soon as well!

  2. The Focus will be on the intersection of Faith and Scouting.

    I’m scheduling one post/day, and I’ve got at least a couple weeks worth already written out.

    I’m starting with the BSA program and a Methodist/Protestant background, only because that’s what I know best. I do plan to branch out from there, and cover other scouting programs and faiths.

  3. Thanks to those of you who sat patiently on our waitlists and tirelessly encouraged your friends to sign up so we could get The League started in your city sooner rather than later! See below for some highlights of our founding class in Toronto, San Antonio, Sacramento New Haven!

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