HalfEagle 2010 Year in Review

Halfeagle 2010 Year In Review

Last year I put together a post of interesting HalfEagle Stats from 2009 and I want to continue the tradition!

I think this was HalfEagle’s sixth year online and clearly we’ve come a long way in that time. Let’s see if anything has changed since last year. 🙂

How do you get to HalfEagle?

HalfEagle 2010 Traffic Sources

HalfEagle 2010 Traffic Sources

About 40% the visitors to the site are either typing in the domain name or have the site bookmarked. While this is lower than last year when expressed as a percentage, the total number of people has actually gone up. The main reason the percentages have changed is because of a much greater increase in search engine traffic and referring sites.

Top Referring Sites

  1. BoyScoutTrail.com – Scouting resource site (2009 – #1)
  2. BoyAndGirlScouts.com – “Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts under one roof… with proper supervision, of course.” (2009 #3)
  3. Troop 353 Eastchester, NY – Troop website (New!)
  4. The Scoutmaster Minute – Scoutmaster Jerry’s blog. (2009 #5)
  5. Scouting News – Just what it says. 😉 (New!)

Top Search Engine Keywords

I’ve filtered out all the variations of “half eagle,” “halfeagle.com,” etc. and just included non-brand searches. Also, some similar keyword phrases I’ve filtered out and only included the most popular variation.

Clearly, there’s a ton of interest for Scouting related mobile apps! HalfEagle has an entire category for posts about that and there’s quite a few new one’s coming out in 2011. 🙂

  1. scouting iphone apps
  2. “eagle factory” boy scout
  3. “around the scouting campfire”
  4. cub scout leader uniform
  5. scouting blogs
  6. bsa 100th anniversary coin
  7. scouting apps
  8. scouting innovation engine
  9. 12th edition bsa® handbook
  10. scout blogs

Who visits HalfEagle?

HalfEagle 2010 U.S. Visitors Map (Darker means more visitors)

HalfEagle 2010 U.S. Visitors Map (Darker means more visitors)

Scouters, of course! 😉 The geography didn’t change much from last year as far as the US goes, but the international audience really ramped up! Last year only 80 countries had visitors, but we added 30 more countries in 2010.

Top States

  1. California
  2. Minnesota
  3. Utah
  4. Florida
  5. Illinois (Texas dropped to position #9)

Browser Statistics

HalfEagle 2010 Browser Stats

HalfEagle 2010 Browser Stats

Both IE and Firefox dropped a couple points compared to 2009. Chrome definitely jumped up from 1.5% to 6% and Safari increased slightly as well.

Remember, you do have a choice when it comes to your browser. I encourage you to check out Firefox. 🙂

Visitor Loyalty

This is my favorite graph of all. Basically it shows that HalfEagle has a dedicated core of visitors that check out the site at least once a week. And we have some folks who check it almost every day! This chart shows just how great the Scouting blogs and podcasts are that HalfEagle includes.

Compared to last year, we have a lot more “single visits” but we’ve also increased our diehard fans who check every day by over 150%!

HalfEagle 2010 Visitor Loyalty

HalfEagle 2010 Visitor Loyalty

Most popular posts

HalfEagle tracks the most popular posts by tracking outbound clicks, both from the website, the twitter account, and the Facebook page. This is my favorite part of the year in review, because it really shows what was important to us during the last year. Out of over 50,000 clicks, these are the most clicked posts from 2010!

Most clicked posts from HalfEagle website

  1. 2010 Centennial Rank Advancement Badges – Scouting News
  2. Celebrating 100 Years With Historic Merit Badges – Lone Star Scouter
  3. Scouting and iPhone Apps – A Scoutmaster’s Blog
  4. BSA 100th Anniversary coin gets a release date – Scouting Magazine Blog
  5. President Obama’s Relationship with the BSA – Scouting News

Most clicked posts from @halfeaglebot

  1. Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program – USSSP
  2. Watch for the BSA car in Sunday’s Indy 500 – Scouting Magazine Blog
  3. Iraqi Boy Scouts Interact With American Forces – Scouting News
  4. BSA announces important changes to its Youth Protection policies – USSSP
  5. Obama Chooses “The View” over National Jamboree – Scouter’s Journey

Most clicked posts from Facebook.com/HalfEagle

  1. Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar releases today – Scouting Magazine Blog
  2. Obama Chooses “The View” over National Jamboree – Scouter’s Journey
  3. Boy Scouts vs Philadelphia – A Scoutmaster’s Blog
  4. Members of Congress Call on BSA to End Its Discrimination against Gays and Lesbians – Scouting News
  5. Top 10 Useful Merit Badges – Scoutmaster Musings

The only post that even appears in more than one list is the the one about Obama choosing “The View” over National Jamboree. Otherwise, what piques people’s interests vary dramatically from one site to the next.

2011: What’s in store?

I’ve added the Facebook like button to every post and have a unique Facebook application in the works for 2011. This is working towards my 2009 goal of making the site more social.

But I want to hear from you! What else would you like to see from HalfEagle in 2011?

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  1. Congratulations on a great year! I’m glad you got some traffic from BoyScoutTrail.com – I hope it wasn’t all me since I love checking out your site. 🙂
    I appreciate your work in pulling scouting information into a single spot. And, I appreciate your exploration into using technology to spread scouting across the net.

    Scout On!

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