Wood Badge Recruiting Tools

Are you staffing an upcoming Wood Badge course? Wood Badge courses are unique in that there is a minimum quantity of participants required for a course to be approved. In some councils, it can be a struggle to meet this requirement. Below are some resources to aid in electronic recruiting.

Email Signatures

Many Scouters have a unique signature at the bottom of their emails that they send to fellow Scouters. This can be a really effective way to get the word out about upcoming events if you follow these rules:

  1. Only promote one event at a time. (Your signature should not look like Times Square.)
  2. Rotate your promotion every three months to avoid banner blindness.
  3. Keep the promotion simple. You want to entice them to click to learn more, not get all the information they need from your signature.

Below are a variety of images that you can use to promote an upcoming Wood Badge course in your council. Make sure you LINK this to the SPECIFIC page of your council website that has information about the upcoming course!

Every email client is different, here’s tutorials for the most popular:

wood-badge-email-signatures_r7_c1 wood-badge-email-signatures_r1_c1 wood-badge-email-signatures_r2_c1 wood-badge-email-signatures_r3_c1 wood-badge-email-signatures_r4_c1 wood-badge-email-signatures_r5_c1 wood-badge-email-signatures_r6_c1 wood-badge-email-signatures_r8_c1 wood-badge-email-signatures_r6_c2 wood-badge-email-signatures_r5_c2 wood-badge-email-signatures_r7_c2 wood-badge-email-signatures_r2_c2 wood-badge-email-signatures_r4_c2 wood-badge-email-signatures_r8_c2 wood-badge-email-signatures_r3_c2 wood-badge-email-signatures_r1_c2

Remember to change to a different image every 90 days so people notice it!

Facebook Profile Cover Photos

If you have a personal Facebook account, changing your cover photo to something Wood Badge related is a great way to spark online conversations about Wood Badge. It also shows how important this training is to you for it to be your cover photo for a few months. Many people want to have the cover photo convey all the information about the training. However, it’s better for this to be a teaser that gets people to ASK you about the training.

Feel free to use any of these images!








Need more graphics?

What other electronic promotion methods are possible? Leave a comment below with the service and what sort of graphic could be made!

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  1. Hey guys!

    My name is Jake Andersen. I’m a big fan of your blog, and am an Eagle Scout myself. I really respect what you’re doing with your blog!

    This past summer I started a camping hammock company called Hobo Hammocks. We donate a meal to the homeless with every hammock we sell. I’ve sold to a lot of scouts and scoutmasters who really love our hammocks!

    I am writing because I have a video that teaches how to tie a really awesome camping knot. I use it for hanging my hammock, but it has a lot of other uses, too. I thought it might be something your readers would enjoy

    I’d love to get your thoughts on the knot/video. Can I send it your way?


  2. Stumbled across the blog whilst looking for a new wallpaper for the computer. LOVE the superhero image! I’m gonna have to show it to the rest of C2-784-15!!

  3. Excellent suggestions and images! Is there a way to get the above images in a higher quality and larger format to be used to print 2.5’x4′ or 2.5×6 banners?

    Thank you in advance for supporting Scouting and Wood Badge

    Course Director

  4. Gorgeous graphics! I’m making business cards for our 2018 recruiting staff to hand out… I love the pentagon/plaid background one, but need to resize and scale to fit the cards. Are you willing to send source files?

  5. Amazing Graphics and insight. I am the CD for the fall 2018 course and would like to use your image of Wood Badge Strong Superheroes. It seems like the perfect way to get things fired up in our area. May we use the image? If so, is there a way to get the file?

    Thanks in advance!

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