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Serving on a staff of a Wood Badge course? Frustrated with dealing with the DVD that has all of those movie clips? Do you wish you had just normal movie files like .mp4 or .mov files that you could embed in a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation? Do you want movie clips with consistent sound volume?

If you answered yes to those questions, I’ve got great news. Over my five staff experiences, every time I was assigned a presentation with video clips, I would go find the source files and re-rip new, better quality versions. If I couldn’t find those, I’d at least rip the file off the DVD, clean it up, and export it to a “normal” file type.

Of course, when you add up all these clips, it’s way more than could fit on a DVD. So I present the rare and unique use case for a perfectly legal torrent file. 🙂

Get the files

If you’ve never torrented before, I suggest downloading qBittorrent.

Once you’ve installed a torrent client, then you should just need to click this magnet link to begin downloading the files (last updated August 30, 2018).


1. If clicking that link doesn’t work for you, copy the link from below and paste it into your torrent client:

2. If there are no error messages, but there’s also no progress bar, then this probably means there are no sources (“seeds”) online right now. I am sharing this a few different ways but I can’t guarantee 100% availability, which brings us to…

3. Be helpful and seed! Once you are done downloading the files, leave your torrent app open and you’ll automatically help speed up other people’s downloads! This is a process called “seeding” and it’s the best way for you to help keep these files available.

File List

This torrent contains the following files:

  • Wood-Badge-Leaving-A-Legacy-ASL-Lead.mov
  • Wood-Badge-Leaving-A-Legacy-ASL-Manage.mov
  • Wood-Badge-Leaving-A-Legacy-Mr-Hollands-Opus-Clip-1.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Leaving-A-Legacy-Mr-Hollands-Opus-Clip-2.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Leaving-A-Legacy-Mr-Hollands-Opus-Clip-3.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Project-Planning-From-The-Earth-To-The-Moon-Clip-1.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Project-Planning-From-The-Earth-To-The-Moon-Clip-2.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Stages-Of-Team-Development-Remember-The-Titans-Clip-1-Forming.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Stages-Of-Team-Development-Remember-The-Titans-Clip-2-Storming.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Stages-Of-Team-Development-Remember-The-Titans-Clip-3-Norming.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Stages-Of-Team-Development-Remember-The-Titans-Clip-4-Performing.mp4
  • Wood-Badge-Vision-Mission-Values-Three-Speeches.mp4 (all speeches in one file)
    • Wood-Badge-Vision-Mission-Values-Baden-Powell-Vision.mov
    • Wood-Badge-Vision-Mission-Values-JFK-We-Choose-To-Go-To-The-Moon.mp4
    • Wood-Badge-Vision-Mission-Values-MLK-Speech-Clip.mp4

These files are only licensed for use during an approved BSA Wood Badge training course. Any other use is not authorized, endorsed, or otherwise encouraged by the existence of these files. 🙂

Feedback is a gift! If you have trouble with these files please let me know in the comments below. If you are able to use these files and they save you any time or headache, a like is truly appreciated. 😉

6 responses

  1. Glad to see all of these clips together, but I highly advise that you not recommend uTorrent as the bit torrent client. There are many documented cases of it adding spyware and malware in the payload. Instead, qbittorrent is a truly open source client that is easily available and free of unwanted extras.

  2. Thank you for sharing these. I wish they put them on the WB course DVD that way in addition to the DVD video. I started to download them this weekend but the internet connection at the training facility was already overtaxed. This morning I don’t see that anyone is seeding these. When you have a moment can you double check your seed?


  3. I can’t seem to get your link to the torrent site to work. It opens the dialog box to open torrent but it doesn’t start the download?

  4. Scott, I received more feedback that uTorrent installed unwanted software. I’ve updated my recommendation to qBittorrent per your suggestion. Thanks! 🙂

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