About HalfEagle.com

HalfEagle.com is a service project of Gregg Hilferding. I am an Eagle Scout, U.S. Army veteran, and Appalachian Trail thru-hiker.

I built this site originally as a technology experiment. Aggregating RSS feeds into a useful view was something that had been on my mind and following what’s going on with Scouting online was a hobby of mine. So, naturally, I played around with Scouting feeds. It took on a life of it’s own, eventually bogging down under the weight of an inferior shared hosting platform.

Now I’m on a really great server with big plans for the future. If you are interested in Scouting online, hopefully halfeagle.com ends up being in your bookmarks. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Gregg. Your site is a great source for quickly finding different scouting sites. I’m enjoying watching it evolve.

    Colleen (dualscoutmom of lonestarscouter.com)

  2. Good morning Gregg

    To introduce myself, I am Steve Silbiger and I am a volunteer Scouter in the Los Angeles Area Council where I serve as the Deputy Council Commissioner. One of my scout hobbies is to produce a
    bi weekly Scouting news email publication called the Adviser’s Corner.

    The purpose of my contact is to see if you would interested in reading a gallery proof edition of Alvin Townley’s second book on Eagle Scouts – Spirit of Adventure Eagle Scouts and the Making of America’s Future

    I am working with Alvin to contact editors of a few specific Scouting Blogs to give them the opportunity to have an advance copy of the book to gather their feedback.

    Are you interested in reading the limited edition “gallery proof” which is a paperback, in-editing “proof.” The final version released on May 12 will be a polished hardback edition.

    If so, please send me your mailing address and I will have the publisher send you a copy.

  3. Gregg,

    I’m working with National Council on the BSA 100th Anniversary. I read your story on the Year of Celebration program and was wondering if we could talk about some of the programs on the horizon. Let me know if you’re interested.


  4. tripped over this site while looking for something else———-I’m an Eagle(1972) and veteran of Troop 72 and the US Army. My Dad—Bob Travis— was scoutmaster in the late 1960’s after he founded Pack 403 in Z-hills. I’m a small-town lawyer and Cubmaster of Pack 302 in Inverness. Took my son to Philmont this summer (I hadn’t been back since 1971) and I’m on the staff of the next Wood Badge course here in Gulf Ridge Council.

  5. Hi Bryan! Sorry I missed this comment when it first came in. I’ve taken a look at your site and it looks great! I normally prefer to wait awhile before adding a new blog, but I’ve gone ahead and added you and we’ll see how it goes! Thanks Bryan. 🙂

    P.S. For anyone else looking to get their Scouting blog or podcast added to Halfeagle, please add a comment on this page. 😉

  6. Any way to get the new postings via email subscription as I’m not into the RSS feed thingumabob?… *smiles

  7. Gregg- I am an Eagle Scout and a NESA member of Theodore Roosevelt Chapter on Long Island NY. The Chapter is named after Arthur R Eldred, the first Eagle Scout. On Sept 8th 2012 we celebrated his 100th anniversary of becoming the first Eagle Scout and minted a commemorative coin in his honor. We want to offer this coin to any one wanting “A piece of history”. To get further information please contact me at 516-551-4676 or by e-mail at lihf@optonline.net.

  8. Gregg,
    I’m a frequent visitor to your website, and I think what you’re doing is great. Thank you.
    I noticed that you’re an AT thru-hiker, and so I’d be very interested in your opinion of my new book. It seems to be picking up steam. I’d like to send you a free copy, or you can read the first couple of chapters at this link to see if you’re interested:


    The book is not about the BSA (and it sure ain’t Follow Me, Boys!); it’s about who might survive in a post-apocalyptic world, and I happen to believe that certain youth developmental organizations would provide the best chance. Among the many people I asked to comment on the first draft were five Eagle Scouts and a former Scoutmaster. The book was professionally edited, and the final proofreader was a sixth Eagle Scout with a degree in science communications.
    If you have the time, I’d be genuinely interested in your opinion. Thanks in advance for your time.


    Mike Underhouse

  9. Hey Gregg I am wondering if you will seed those clips for woodbadge again I rebuild the council laptops in my area and would love to change our Laptops to better quality videos.

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